Thursday, December 2, 2010


First, I can't access my facebook since yesterday =.=
I don't know what happen to it. I just knew that it asked me to change my name or whatever.
So what's happening now????!!! =.=

Second, having headache now, but still play computer?! LOL! 
Haiz~ I slept for 3 hours only :( Lack of sleep again... Due to my laziness before that not to do revision. So, I always study at the last seconds before exam! >o<

Third, although I sacrifice my sleeping time but I still don't know how to do the physics paper just like the sejarah paper :( 
Why Why Why???!!!
Haiz~ I really hate the logic-thinking Physics!!!!!! =.= 

You know what? I really can't believe that I can simply do the SPM paper! O.O
Is this really SPM????  o.o  UNBELIEVABLE!

Ok, I am still happy to finish the paper though it was bad :D LOL!
Left only 3 papers now!
Chemistry & Biology & Chinese :)
I love Chemistry & Biology before~ So...Hoping to get A+  o.o HAHAHA! 
Impossible for me? :'-(

Chinese paper, I know I can't get A+ one :) Hope to get A- only but it is still a tough task!!!
Actually, not so care about chinese paper o.o 
In my mind...I am free after Biology paper :D HaHa! Sorry to being unfair larr ;p

This Saturday gonna attend to my cousin brother wedding dinner! :D
Yeah! So happy to attend a wedding dinner ! Because o.o there will have many yummy food waiting for me  xD Oh yeah!
But the problem is... I don't have a nice dinner dress :(  Actually I like to have a nice dress :)
But either my mummy or daddy also doesn't buy for me before :(
Oklo~~~~~ Being boyish is my style == But I have a long hair o.o This is weird xD
Actually I am just a bit rude and talking with a high amplitude and high pitch only xD

Ok =.= Nothing to write.... 
After SPM....
I HAVE MANY THINGS TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
OH YEAH!!!! 


  1. Yeah...Being first person to comment you post is rarely an opportunity...Erm...I know my Chinese is can laugh at me about that...but the other subjects....XP

    Yeup...For you,,3 subjects left to be DONE...Haha

    'Guess who am I' de DCG...

  2. And one more thing...wear a dress and take a photo for us...=)...Don't get fat...Girl~...