Monday, July 12, 2010


Woah :D FIFA World Cup was END!!

YEAH!! I no need to wake up in the mid-night to watch it. 

Finally , I watched the FINAL!! o.o
It is quite excited!
Netherlands & Spain... both of them were strong...
until the time was added about 1 hours.. or 30 minutes? 
[sorry, I forgot about it. ]

I was so nervous when I was watching. xD

:D Finally, Congratulation to Spain!!
[I printscreen from a website, then I crop it. o.o LOL ]

Yeah~!! You had beaten Netherlands!!
[I totally don't like Netherlands...because of the Roben xD ]

I found that there was many handsome and cute guys when I was watching FIFA.

First, I met Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal.
YES! He is handsome and cute, but he is arrogant. :(
* He has a muscular body shape. ;P *

Second, I met Iker Cassilas from Spain.
I think he is the best goal keeper I ever met! :D
He is handsome toooooo :D

*Yes.. This one he was so strong o.o *

Actually , I like Thomas Muller too..
He is young, and cute :D


These are the teams that I supported before* :
1.Portugal [ Beaten by Spain :( ]
2.Brazil [ Beaten by Netherlands *heng!* ]
3.Argentina [Beaten by Germany * Germany was strong :D *]
4.Germany [ Beaten by Spain again o.o ]
5.Spain [ YEAH! beaten Netherlands :P ]

The first four teams that I supported lost. :(
But finally Spain WON!!!
Wooohooo~~ xDD 

FIFA World Cup of this year is quite memorable for me.
When I watched it in the mid-night, I kept sms with YenYen.
Hoho! She accompanied me through the handphone.

My daughter,Yenna also sms with me during the final xD

Besides, Facebook also accompanied me! 

GoodBye :D

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