Friday, July 16, 2010

Pretty PAIN! :(

My stomach was pretty pain when I was having my dinner.
I was suffering from it.

I wanted to vomit, but can't. 
I wanted to go to make a deposit / go pass motion ,but can't too.

I was just...curled my body up...
and wait for my pain to relieve...


Yesterday when I was having my lunch with my friends,
my stomach started to pain.
I thought the pain can be relieve after I go for toilet.
But today the pain came again :(
Oh no~!

Haiz... I think I should go for a body check.
I am afraid that there is a tumor in my stomach. 
:( May GOD bless me..

My daddy is just free on Sunday.
So, I need to wait for 2 days.
Hope that the pain will not come again :(

I want to thank you my friends for caring me. :D
I am so touching.

My mamier is just like my real mummy :D
Love you 


Oh ya~!
I have been selected for National Service.

I was quite sad when I had received the message.
Because.. I was afraid that I will have no time to play after SPM.

But I am wrong :P
I can meet many new friends in the camp.
I can learn many new things in the camp.

But there is something that I was worried about...
I was worried about the campsite...

Hope that the campsite that I am going will be nice and clean.


I am expecting for the NS!


Countdown 4 days !!! :D



  1. im worry about u ~~take care ya:(
    but i know u will recover ..bcoz god bless u

    i hope u have a nice camp ~

  2. is tat a gastric? Take care...

  3. eh t06163 is that kuan kiat?
    Zi xuan...hope u can recover^^

  4. 永遠~~ thankyou larrr :D <3 you~

    still have many months to wait until the camp larr o.o

  5. kuankiat :D thanks a lot!!! ^^
    I am fine now.

    Guan sze~ yea~ he is XD
    thx yarr ^^